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Track, Bridges and Stations
The network :

Bangladesh Railway has a total of 2,855 route kilometres at the end of the year 2004-2005. East Zone has 1,277 route kilometres of MG track only and West Zone has 553 route kilometres of MG 660 route kilometres of BG and 365 route kilometres of DG track. The total length of running track including track on double line, in the yards and sidings is 4,443 kilometres. A comparison on the Railway network at the end of 2004-2005 with those of earlier years is shown in Table No. 3 & 5.

Route Length by Civil Districts :

Bangladesh Railway is not connected with all the Civil Districts of the country. At the end of 2004-2005 only 44 Civil Districts of the country could be connected by Railway. The District-wise Railway stations and Route kilometres are shown in Table No. 4

Track Maintenance :

Sophisticated track maintenance methods are under active consideration of the Railway Administration to replace conventional methods. Mechanical track lifting, slewing, tamping and laying machines have been introduced on Dhaka-Chittagong main line for track maintenance. A track recording trolley car is in use.

Bridges :

At the end of 2004-2005, there were a total of 3,650 bridges, of which 3,104 are minor and 546 are major ones. Foot over-bridges are provided in important cities and district towns.

Level Crossings :

At the end of 2004-2005, there were 1,610 level crossings of which 207 level crossings having heavy road and rail traffic are manned round the clock and 1,188 with light traffic are casually manned. Busy level crossings are being gradually provided with quick operating lifting barriers. Safety devices are being provided at very busy level crossings.

Stations :

Bangladesh Railway had a total of 454 stations at the end of the year 2004-2005. These include one block hut, thirteen train halts and four goods booking points.

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