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Signalling & Telecommunication
Signalling :

The importance of the line between Dhaka and Chittagong increased immediately after the partition of India in 1947 as this connects the capital city of Dhaka and the principal port city of Chittagong. To meet the needs for the speed and density of the traffic, signalling on the section were modernized in phases starting from the early sixties. The entire section between Dhaka-Chittagong is provided with colour light signalling & relay interlocking with tokenless block working. Double wire upper quadrant mechanical signalling is provided in sections Tongi-Mymensingh, Akhaura-Sylhet, Santahar-Bonarpara & Khulna-Darsana, Relay interlocking system exists at three major stations in West Zone viz. Parbatipur, Ishurdi & Santahar and at six stations in Mymensingh-Jamalpur section in East Zone. Most important & busy level crossing gates are also provided with interlocking system including approach warning & road signal. Replacement and modernization
works of 7 stations from Jamtail to Moladuli have been converted to solid state interlocking signalling system. Besides this, 14 stations color light inerlocking from Paksey to Darshona Junctions is in pipe line.

On the contrany, 22 stations in Akhauara - Sylhat section have been taken in hand to modernize with computerized signalling and interlocking system.

Telecommunication :

Till late eighties Bangladesh Railway's most of the Telecommunication facilities used to be taken on lease from Bangaldesh Telegraph and Telephone Board(BTTB). These facilities were land line based, prone to interference and unreliable. In 1984 BR went for the modernization of its Telecommunication Facilities. BR has an optical fibre based digital tele-communication network. The tele-communication network spans approximately over 1800 kms. and connects about 300 Railway stations. The system also services about 1100 users through ten exchanges. In addition to 1100 dial up type digital telephones, BR.`s Telecommunication system provides about 300 Train Control Telephones and the same number of station to station telephones. Copper conductors are used for Block Instruments and the Block telephones . Computerized Seat Reservation and Ticketing System(CSRTS) and Computerized Wagon Control System (CWCS) have been installed using this network.

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