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Railway Recovery and Reform Programme
Bangladesh Railway has undergone several recovery  and reform programmes  since its independence in 1971, all aiming towards Of improving the performance of institutional capacity and commercial orientation of BR- Some of the important time lines when major changes occurred. are listed below:-


  • After creation of Bangladesh as an independent nation in 1971, it inherited a Railway Board which was responsible for the functioning of the Railway network on behalf of the  Government.
  • In 1973 this structure was abolished and its functions were merged with the Ministry of Communications (MOC) and the executive functioning of the network was placed under a General Manager.


  • In 1976, on the advice of the Asian Development Bank, the Government (GOB) agreed to reestablish the Railway Board to conduct the management functions with MOC exercising policy control.


  • The Railway Board was again abolished with effect from June 2, 1982 and a Railway Division was created in the MOC with the Railway Division being vested with the functions being discharged by the erstwhile Railway Board. Secretary, Railway Division in the MOC was made to head BR and to discharge the functions of DG/BR. The Railway was bifurcated into East and West Zones, each placed under a General Manager with supporting administrative structure.
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